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Allianz Faserbasierter Werkstoffe Baden-Württemberg e.V. (AFBW) is a cross-industry technology network covering the entire value-adding chain of fibre-based materials – from suppliers to consumers and research institutions.

Thus, AFBW provides a platform for dialogue and knowledge transfer and sees itself as a driver of innovations. Together with companies from the industry, universities and research institutes, AFBW presents new solutions and promotes the “renaissance of the fibre”.

Supporting an integrative technology, AFBW acts across industries and comes up with ideas
for material or product innovations targeted at improving the competitiveness of the companies and the region.

The network’s service portfolio is huge. Symposiums discuss new technological trends in textile applications. In work groups and projects ideas are developed and translated into marketable products. Joint appearances at trade fairs and specific public relations work complete its profile.

Steady progress makes AFBW an important factor in the “world of fibre-based materials” and beyond. Points of focus are the use of fibre-based materials, for example in architecture and construction, mobility, environmental engineering, medicine and lightweight construction. The following industry presentations provide insights into new applications and show their potential.

Ulrike Möller, AFBW
Ulrike Möller, AFBW
Welcome Dr. Nils Schmid, MdL

New materials in general and fibre-based materials in particular will significantly contribute to solving issues and meeting the challenges of sustainable mobility, environmental protection, renewable energy and health issues in the
future. They are the key to product innovation in almost all branches of industry.

Especially research institutes and universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg and companies from a wide range of industries have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of fibrebased materials and the relevant applications. Our state has a long textile history of which we are proud. The portfolio ranges from the production of technical fibres and textiles to the use of textile technologies, for example for lightweight components, medical implants or smart textiles.

The members of Allianz Faserbasierte Werkstoffe Baden-Württemberg e.V. (AFBW) now have the opportunity to present themselves to potential business partners in Germany and abroad. This source book of fibre-based materials presents a comprehensive picture of the Baden-Württemberg stakeholders of this heterogeneous cross-industry technology. In clearly structured profiles, the companies present their fields of activities and references, their products, methods and services, their research anddevelopment focuses and their innovations.

This source book is another component of AFBW’s services and demonstrates the performance and potential of our state. I thank AFBW for its excellent work and wish them and their members a successful future.

Dr. Nils Schmid, MdL
Dr. Nils Schmid, MdL
Preface Christoph Larsén-Mattes

In business, as in private, it is important to know and meet the right people, join forces and move things forward. This increases the opportunities for quick success. Active cooperation plays a decisive role – in addition to an innovative network that has its origins and basis in the industry.

As an entrepreneur, I closely observe the work of AFBW. The benefit for the member companies is the first priority. Focusing on the valueadding chains and their merger represents the basis for realising innovative and marketable products and, ultimately, secures our success in Baden-Württemberg.

As the president of AFBW, I am thrilled by our network’s performance. New technological trends are presented at numerous events and new solutions are devised in workgroups and projects, to open up new markets and continuously develop them.

Steady progress has made AFBW an important factor in the “world of fibre-based materials”. By joining forces we will succeed in an increasingly intensive global competition for products, services and creative minds and in directing
attention to the “qualities of fibre”. This source book provides you with information about the knowledge and expertise of companies, research institutions and other institutes in the textile industry. We hope that you find our booklet interesting and enjoy reading it.

Christoph Larsén-Mattes Vorsitzender AFBW e.V.
Christoph Larsén-Mattes Vorsitzender AFBW e.V.