Technische Textilien Lörrach GmbH & Co. KG


Facts & Figures

Employees 45
Turnover 12 mill. €

Technische Textilien Lörrach GmbH & Co. KG

Technische Textilien Lörrach GmbH & Co. KG, established in 1838, is a manufacturer of needlefelts for technical applications. The company’s production programme is produced on modern needle lines, finishing, and cutting facilities, and it is divided into 3 sectors:

Industrial textiles: individually developed products and solu- tions for various applications in the automotive, aviation, and electronics industry, for car wash facilities, thermal protection, mechanical protective equipment, and more

Filter media: filter media and filter bags for dust separation in industrial facilities of any type

Laundry textiles: ironer clothing, belts, and accessories for different applications in industrial cleaning and laundries


Product innovation:

Innovative needlefelts for industrial applications

Filter media for dust separation
For use in biogas, coal-fired, and waste incineration plants, in the asphalt, aluminium, wood and building material industry, and industrial extraction systems.

Nonwoven-elements for sound insulation
For usage in vehicle interiors as sound absorption and for mechanical protection.

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