Lindauer DORNIER GmbH

Facts & Figures

Employees 1,000
Turnover € 237 million

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH

Unrivaled in volume, unique in the sector: while weavers in the clothing and home textiles industry use weaving machines from DORNIER to make carpet or suits, technical weavers use them to manufacture high-performance fabrics for satellites, aircraft and cars with carbon, glass and aramid fibers. This extraordinary versatility in processing different materials and yarns is based on over 60 years of design and development experience in building rapier and air-jet weaving machines. The machines of the DORNIER system family process up to 16 different yarns precisely, gently and flawlessly. Thanks to their proven machine design that was developed over many decades, DORNIER weaving machines are the first choice of the modern weaver.


Product innovation:

Engineering “Made in Germany”

The further development of the green weaving machines from DORNIER has always followed the concept of sustainability. It is our intention to remain constantly at the forefront of technical advance through innovation and to serve as a constant source of visions for sustainability with new machine concepts. The “Green Machines” are used to make ultrafine precision fabrics which are implemented in the service of environmental protection all over the world in filters for cleaning or preserving the cleanliness of air, water and exhaust gases. With the weaving machines of the P2 generation, featuring high reed impact forces of up to 50 KN and shed geometries that were optimized especially for technical webs, it is possible to produce wide air and water filter fabrics of very high density.

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