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Fiber-To-Go GmbH

Fiber-To-Go GmbH spezializes in developing customized products by applying the meltblown-technology. Major focus areas are filtration, acoustics and hygiene.

Besides senior experts with a scientifically sound understanding of process-technology and -engineering, the company disposes of a custom-built mobile pilot-line with single- and multi-row nozzles as well as different lay-down systems.

As a service-partner with an application-oriented approach, Fiber-To-Go GmbH offers its customers fast access to a professional development environment and short implementation times. The range of services is supplemented by project competence, expertise in the field of patent specification and a strong network in industry and science.


Product innovation:


A current development area is voluminous nonwoven with additional specific properties. Thus, nature e.g. of standard material for acoustic absorption may be altered to generate self-stiff structures. It is possible by targeted influencing of filament-diameter and crystallinity within an adjustable wide process window.

Our “One Shot Multilayer”-process creates structures with a very large internal surface that increase the capacity of volume filters.

High-quality imaging technologies enable the analysis of filament diameters, embossing points and particle size distributions of dusts.

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