Perlon Nextrusion Monofil GmbH


Facts & Figures

Employees 850
Turnover € 135 million
Certifications ISO 9001:2015, ISO 50001:2011

Perlon Nextrusion Monofil GmbH

Perlon® – The Filament Company
Since 2016, this name has represented all of the mutual group companies of Perlon Nextrusion and Hahl-Pedex. The company incorporates almost 100 years of experience in the production of filaments. The profound technical expertise is strongly influenced by the core competencies of the individual locations. The bundling of the knowledge has resulted in a unique overall portfolio. A powerful company has emerged from this, that is in a position to supply customers from all over the world, with innovative, high-tech filaments.

Product areas of the Perlon Group:

  • QualiFil: Monofilaments for paper machine clothing and advanced technical textiles
  • Hahl: Synthetic brush filaments and abrasive filaments
  • Pedex: Filaments for tooth brushes, interdental, cosmetic and personal care applications


Product innovation:

PearlTech® – our latest product brand from the QualiFil® range

PearlTech® is a monofilament, which special particles are worked into with the polymer melt. The particles are evenly distributed and stand out slightly from the surface of the monofilament, changing the optics and giving the surface new properties. The improved wear resistance and the considerably improved cleaning properties, compared to standard types, also distinguish PearlTech®. Both PET-based and PA- based versions of PearlTech® are available.

Organic Monofilaments
Perlon GmbH sees sustainability as a future-oriented task. Therefore, they develop both bio-based and bio-degradable monofilaments. Contact us!

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