Mattes & Ammann GmbH & Co. KG


Facts & Figures

Employees 270
Turnover 57 mill. € (Approx. 85 mill. € with subsidiaries)
Certifications IATF 16949:2016; EG Ök Audit 1836/93 = Emas/BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Mattes & Ammann GmbH & Co. KG

Mattes & Amman is a medium-sized family-run enterprise. Producer of knitted fabrics, large-scale circular knitting,
warp knitting, and circular warp knitting technology. Supplier of raw materials on coils to the technical industry, such as automotive, passenger car, truck, caravan, agricultural and construction vehicle, mattresses, hygiene, aircraft, furniture fabrics, military, flags, and many more industries. Since 2016, we have operated our own accredited laboratory.

M&A is a specialist for formed 3-dimensional parts – customized and application-specific developments for and together with our customers, to maintain sustainable business relations.

We have 500 machines on 36,000 m2, with 7 large-scale circular knitting facilities, 1 circular warp knitting facility, and 2 warp knitting facilities at our disposal.


Product innovation:

Seating furniture fabric InShape

Mattes & Ammann develop specific solutions – mainly for technical applications – together with our customers. Currently, the focus is on illuminated fabrics and translucent textiles, the electrification of textiles, and various other functionalities.

Our latest product in the area of seating furniture fabrics is the new brand InShape. 

Mattes & Ammann developed a completely new type of seating furniture fabric – soft, three-dimensional, and highly elastic – which, if desired, can also be used in commercial objects because it complies with many different fire protection classes world-wide.

Our products Barcelona, Monza, Tokyo, and Oxford are seen extremely positively in the market – these fabrics can also be designed for use in automobiles – that is for car seats.

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