Facts & Figures

Employees 1,200
Certifications IATF 16949, EN 9100, ISO 9001/2008



As a producer of fibre-reinforced semi-finished products, composite components, electrical insulation materials, special laminates and multi-layer laminates, KREMPEL stands out thanks to its extensive expertise and many years of practical experience.

Our company is well-established in the market. We continuously invest into our business so that we can meet our customers’ increasing requirements in the future as well. With 67 agencies, 1,200 employees and 10 factories, we have an international presence which guarantees fast service on the spot.

KREMPEL stands for customer-specific products and developments. In close collaboration with you, we create solutions so that your most demanding projects can become a reality.

KREMPEL products have a firm place in the electrical engineering, automotive, aerospace, railway, defence and medical technology sectors.


Product innovation:

Complex composite components

KREMPEL works together with you to develop specific solutions.

We have access to a wide range of prepreg impregnation systems, coating systems, laminating systems and bonding plants for the production of planar semi-finished products. We press composite panels out of our own prepregs on 6-level heat presses.

We create complex composite components on our own winding machines, autoclaves, compression moulding machines or injection moulding machines – tailored to your requirements. We use sawing machines, water jet cutting machines and 5D milling and grinding machines during the finishing processes.

When it comes to the joining of parts and assemblies, we can rely on our team of highly skilled bonding specialists.

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