J.H. Ziegler GmbH

J.H. Ziegler GmbH

J.H. Ziegler GmbH

Facts & Figures

Employees 390
Turnover 67 mill. €
Certifications IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OEKO TEX Standard 100


J.H. Ziegler GmbH

J.H. Ziegler is your expert supplier of needle­punched non­ wovens, combinations of foam and nonwovens, laminated and multi­layer materials, and natural fibre nonwovens for a multitude of applications:

  • in automotive, as highly efficient soundproofing material in the interior and exterior
  • as laminated material for leather and fabric lamination for car seats, seating furniture and office chairs
  • as padded bandages and disposable blankets for the medical sector
  • for sound and thermal insulation in private and commercial buildings
  • other applications such as filtration, composites, and abrasive disks

Our production facilities are located in Germany, Hungary and China.


Product innovation:

Nonwovens Ziegler – customized, flexible, reliable

The produced staple­fibre nonwoven materials are made of several different fibre types and fibre combinations. In ad­dition to synthetic fibres such as PET and PP, natural fibres such as hemp, kenaf, flax and technical fibres such as glass and oxidised polyacrylonitrile are used. The build­up of the nonwoven material can be achieved by needle punching and/or additionally by thermal or chemical impregnation. Depend­ing on the requirements, Ziegler nonwovens are manufactured as hydrophobic, oleophobic, hardly inflammable, and insulat­ing. They can be laminated with plastic foam, leather, textile, spun­bounded nonwovens, foils, or many other materials.


J.H. Ziegler GmbH
J.H. Ziegler GmbH

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