IST Metz GmbH


Facts & Figures

Employees 550 worldwide
Turnover 73 mill. €
Certifications ISO 9001


IST Metz GmbH

IST Metz GmbH is a medium-sized mechanical engineering company with international operations based in Nürtingen, in Southern Germany. About 550 employees are currently working for the IST Metz company group. For more than 40 years, the company has been producing systems for curing print and coatings using UV light. The UV systems cure inks, varnishes, silicones, adhesives, resins and other materials in fractions of a second. The IST Metz group offers its customers the world’s largest product portfolio of high- performance UV lamp and UV LED systems. The range of services is supplemented by hot-air/infrared drying systems and excimer technology.


Product innovation:

SPOTcure – a high performance multispectral LED system

The SPOTcure is a high performance multispectral LED system for spot curing, illumination and bonding in a variety of industrial applications. The SPOTcure systems are used wherever short cycle times and highest process reliability are of decisive importance. Users can use SPOTcure systems from IST Metz as a compact unit or install them in their plant via the integrated interface.

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