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Turnover 517 mill. € (2018)
Certifications Quality ISO 9001:2008, Environment: ISO 14001:2004


CHT Germany GmbH

Chemicals for the highest demands:
The Tübingen-based CHT Group is a globally operating group in the business of specialty chemicals. For more than 65 years, they have offered numerous sectors of industry and markets innovative and high-quality specialty chemicals, chemical additives, and customer service.

Textile Solutions:
Textile production and finishing, textile dyestuffs and pigments, textile care.

Industry Solutions:
Silicone, consumer care, colours & varnishes, mineral construction material, paper, recycling, agriculture, leather, mining.

Science & Service Solutions:
Support, consulting, innovation, safety.


Product innovation:

Textile-reinforced concrete for high- stability lightweight construction

In order to build stable concrete elements based on textile structures, the carbon or fibre-glass matrix must be drenched with a special coating that, on the on hand, stiffens the supporting matrix and, on the other hand, facilitates its bonding with the cement. CHT has the innovative know-how to develop these chemical coatings. Many years of application expertise provides the basis for the realization of customized construction designs with tailor-made material features using this technology.

Textile-reinforced concrete facilitates highly stable, lightweight construction and offers many advantages over conventional concrete – above all for the environment:

  • Reduction of the concrete volume of up to 70 % using fibre-glass or carbon fibres for reinforcement
  • Elimination of the corrosion protection sheathing
  • Low water and energy consumption
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions during cement production
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