Allianz Faserbasierter Werkstoffe Baden-Württemberg e.V. (AFBW) is a cross-industry technology network covering the entire value-adding chain of fibre-based materials – from suppliers to consumers and research institutions.

Thus, AFBW provides a platform for dialogue and knowledge transfer and sees itself as a driver of innovations. Together with companies from the industry, universities and research institutes, AFBW presents new solutions and promotes the “renaissance of the fibre”.

Supporting an integrative technology, AFBW acts across industries and comes up with ideas
for material or product innovations targeted at improving the competitiveness of the companies and the region.

The network’s service portfolio is huge. Symposiums discuss new technological trends in textile applications. In work groups and projects ideas are developed and translated into marketable products. Joint appearances at trade fairs and specific public relations work complete its profile.

Steady progress makes AFBW an important factor in the “world of fibre-based materials” and beyond. Points of focus are the use of fibre-based materials, for example in architecture and construction, mobility, environmental engineering, medicine and lightweight construction. The following industry presentations provide insights into new applications and show their potential.

Oliver Weger, AFBW
Oliver Weger, AFBW